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Welcome to the Support section of the Cantax Web site. This section of our site is designed to provide you with answers to your Cantax software questions, as well as useful support and troubleshooting documents and updates to our products.

Your software is so complete that I have found that I have not really required much support. The support that I have required has been top notch! Excellent products, strong sales and support. Keep up the great work
Gail Ingham-Ells COLINTON, AB

We answer before you ask.

Technical Bulletins, Troubleshooting and FAQs are how we try to answer your questions and solve your problems before they arise.

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Cantax FormMaster

Cantax FormMaster
Release of Cantax FormMaster 2013 v.4.0

Cantax T1Plus

Cantax T2/T2Plus

Cantax T2/T2Plus
Cantax T2 14.1.3xx.110 Release!

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