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Whether you need to prepare 15 T1 returns or 1,500 there is a Cantax T1Plus option just for you. See our Order Form for more information on Cantax T1Plus versions and pricing.

Switching software CAN be painless.
Cantax will retain relevant information from both TurboTax™ and ProFile™.

Your documents look as professional as you do.
Cantax T1Plus includes a handy word processor, making it easy to customize letters and labels.

Totalling expenses is totally faster.
When you use Breakdown to enter the description and amount of each item, Cantax automatically groups related expenses and totals them, and then posts them in the appropriate field.

Cantax T1Plus
Easily, the best value.

Cantax T1Plus gives you the tools to work more efficiently during tax season - so you can focus on offering your clients more value-added services.

Cantax T1Plus is a full-featured professional T1 preparation program that will save you time and boost your productivity.

And for all Cantax T1Plus subscribers, your 2015 subscription delivers even more certainty with added value - stay up to date on accounting business trends by attending one complimentary ExpertEdge Webinar in 2015. And, your subscription includes one (1) Cantax Tax Reference Booklet.

EFILE your way to greater accuracy and faster processing time for client returns

To accommodate new CRA rules that require most of our customers to file returns electronically, EFILE is now included in most Cantax T1Plus offerings. Prepare less than 10 returns?
Cantax T1Plus Home Office is now available with or without an EFILE module. Besides reducing printing and mailing costs, filing returns electronically with EFILE has important benefits for you and your customer:
  • Returns processed in as fast as two weeks.
  • Powerful diagnostics help you catch costly errors
  • Ability to monitor and track your EFILE return status, generate reports and manage your workflow.
What do you need to do to use EFILE?
Simply register with the CRA. There is no fee but application can take 30 days. Then, you need to use CRA-certified compliance software such as Cantax T1Plus.

Streamline family returns

Need to prepare returns for a family? Cantax T1Plus streamlines the process so you can get the job done faster.
  • Populate data fields automatically across family returns.
  • Calculate optimal tax savings using entire family’s data.
  • Data carries forward to next year’s return.
Maximize tax savings with pension income splitting

Even in the crunch of tax season, Cantax T1Plus can help you save your clients’ tax dollars.
  • Split pension income for maximum tax savings with one click.
  • Automatically calculate optimal pension income allocations based on data in the return.
Save time entering data

Last year’s information gets carried-forward automatically - no need to re-key data.

Catch costly errors with powerful diagnostics
  • Catch more than 1,500 errors - before you file.
  • Go to flagged data with one click.
  • Access last year’s data, or compare this year’s data to last year.
Make T1 adjustments - fast

With Cantax T1’s adjustment feature, you can make the adjustments without having to manually find and update specific lines within the return. This will help you generate the changed return - and even the spouse’s return - much more quickly.

Add value with the Cantax Wealth Planner

Cantax Wealth Planner combines information from the return with your estimates and assumptions and presents a range of potential situations based on different projections. You can estimate tax liability for the coming year, and even better, creates multiple what-if scenarios. Based on your advice, your clients will be able to make better decisions about their future.

The Wealth Planner includes the following tools to help you and your clients plan:
  • Lifetime Tax Planner: Tax Reduction Planner
  • Investment Tax Planner: Marginal Tax Rate Planner; Non-Registered Investment Rate of Return Planner; Pre-tax Income Diversification Planner
  • Family RRSP/RRIF Investment Planner: 2011 RRSP Contribution Planner; RRSP Contribution or Debt Reduction; RRIF Withdrawal Planner; RRSP Optimizer; RRSP Loan Planner
  • Education Savings Planner: Projected Education Costs; RESP Savings Growth Chart
  • Employee Benefits Planner: Automobiles - Buy or Lease? Should your employer provide the car?
Spend less time searching

Cantax’s Pathfinder feature makes it easy for you to find what you need in a T1. It tracks and lists information you enter in a handy, scrollable list - click on a value you entered and you’re taken right to the field.

Help at your fingertips
  • Simply right-click Cantax Help for quick answers relevant to the line you’re working on, built right in.
  • For more extensive help, right-click Tax Research to access a comprehensive tax reference guide.
... And tax experts waiting for your call

Have a question? Wolters Kluwer is the recognized industry leader, which means that you have Canada’s foremost tax researchers on your team, whether your firm consists of 1 or 200 people. You get fast answers without leaving the return, on the phone or online, with extended help hours during tax season.

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