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CCH iScan
Focus on your business. Leave the data entry to us.

A breakthrough solution for processing more returns and maximizing accuracy

Question: How do you get a shoebox to fit into a tax return?
Answer: You scan it.

Do you have clients who bring their shoebox of miscellaneous papers and expect you to complete their T1 return while they wait?

Even with organized clients, it can take hours to deal with all the slips and receipts that go
into a T1.

Do you see the value in a solution that allows you to create a single file from all of your client’s slips, receipts and other documents?

CCH iScan is a web-based service to relieve your workload. You or a staff member scans T-slips and other source docs; in about an hour, we create a bookmarked PDF, with the data neatly organized into categories. Use the PDF for on-screen preparation, review, archival and post-assessment requests from the CRA . Instead of hundreds of bits of paper, you quickly have one, neat, on-screen record that’s quickly accessible whenever you need it.

How does CCH iScan work?
Use CCH iScan to process your T1 returns and watch it do most of the work for you.

If you opt for the Validation service, then tax data will be extracted from the scanned documents, and we’ll even perform the OCR data validation of these values. Then, one click imports the extracted data from the PDF into the correct fields in the T1.

The best part is you’ve freed up time in your office - time you can use for more profitable tasks. Done and done.

Get readily usable data, not just scans
CCH iScan automatically recognizes over 130 types of data and categorizes it into bookmarks in a PDF - organized and easy to find.

Plus, with the Validation service, the data from more than 20 slips and forms are validated and extracted for you to import directly to the T1 returns.

Which T-slips can
CCH iScan import?

CCH iScan can import a growing list of Canadian T-slips, including:

T3T4PST5T5013ASSA 1042S


CCH iScan Bookmarking Service
  • Translate all those slips of paper into one bookmarked PDF.
  • Use the PDF for on-screen preparation, review, archival and post-assessment requests from the CRA.
  • Quick: get the data back as fast as a few minutes after submission.
  • Reduce your costs and help the environment by using less paper.
  • Have a scanner in your office.
  • One low subscription rate lets you process an unlimited number of tax returns.

CCH iScan Validation Service
Enjoy the same benefits as above, plus:
  • 100% accuracy guaranteed for the imported data as a bonded verifier performs the OCR data check.
  • Save significant data-entry time by importing the values directly from the bookmarked PDF into the T1.

CCH iScan gives your practice a competitive edge by helping you to significantly improve productivity, deliver better service, and lower your costs. By using CCH iScan, you can:

  • Increase your T1 processing capacity by reducing slip data entry and letting CCH iScan do it for you.

  • Optimize the time and skills of your tax preparers so they spend less time on administrative tasks and more on processing returns and providing value-added services.

  • Achieve 100% accuracy, thanks to manual validation of all extracted values in a processing centre in Canada.

  • Bookmark all target slips and forms.

  • Become an eco-friendly practice and reduce your costs by using less paper.

  • Enjoy the benefits — beyond tax preparation — of having a scanner in your office.

  • Respond to client and CRA queries with increased speed and accuracy with just a few clicks of the mouse.

How much does it cost to use CCH iScan?
CCH iScan delivers excellent value at affordable pricing designed to meet the needs of your practice.

  • CCH iScan registration fee of $330 (includes unlimited file bookmarking)

  • CCH iScan validation charge per return. Charges of $6.30 per return. This includes validation of up to 10 slips per return. Additional slips will be validated at a fee of $1.00 per slip per return.

Applicable taxes will be added to these charges.

Don't have a scanner?
CCH iScan offers value packages that include the registration fee and a quality integrated scanner. Choose from following scanners and get 50% off the CCH iScan registration fee:

  • Kodak i1150 scanner for $495.00

  • Kodak i2400 scanner for $775.00

  • Kodak i2600 scanner for $995.00

  • Fujitsu FI-7160 scanner for $950.00

Additional $50.00 Shipping and Handling charge applies. Scanner orders will be processed, shipped and invoiced by Integrim.

Integrated scanners offer optimal image quality. Scanning is performed via the website and optimized settings are configured automatically.

Already have a scanner? Use our manual upload option.
Scanned files generated by non-integrated1 scanners can be uploaded manually if these requirements are met:

Output format: 300 dpi setting, black & white, multi-paged TIFF format, CCITT Group 4 compression.

1) Files submitted by non-integrated scanners can be rejected if the quality is not sufficient for validation.

Note: Multi-Function Peripherals (MFPs) and scanners generating PDF output are not
supported by CCH iScan.

Order CCH iScan today
Dramatically increase your T1 processing capacity today.
Download the CCH iScan order form and submit your order by fax.

Or call us today at 1-800-268-4522.

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